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Child friendly 

Space and freedom to play. Children can still be children at our Quinta. They have the space and the possibility to wander around all day, to look for eggs at the chickens, to play with each other at or on the trampoline, to splash around in the children's pool (3.5 m diameter / 90 cm deep), to chat at the campfire, playing football, helping the animals to take care of, making new friends with the other guests, and so on .. We often hear from our young guests that they prefer to stay at the Quinta rather than go to the beach. They prefer to play with their new friends, or prefer a ride on Chamoor the mule, or prefer playing with Bo the dog, who likes to walk behind them with her ball :-)! Children enjoy playing in nature and come to rest with the animals. In addition, we have for the smallest toys and a children's pool (both gladly on request). For the bigger ones we have a trampoline, a goal where you can score with goals, soapstone to sculpt, paint stuff for the artists, a nice photo hunt you can always ask for, we walk with you. And so there are countless things to do that can only be made up by children ...

Beaches, sailing and surfing

The Costa de Prata or Silver Coast, is one big beach. The nicest beaches, suitable for children and swimming, are Salir do Porto, where you'll find the highest dunes. In Foz do Arelho you have the beach along the Lagoa (lake) and along the sea. In the Lagoa it is safe to swim and play in the water. If you would like to learn how to sail or surf you have to be here in Foz. There is a nice sailing-school with a good atmosphere and not too expensive.


If our plunge-pool is too small and the sea is too rough, there is also a possibility to go to one of the big swimming-pools. In Nazaré there is a big one called Norpark.
Parque dos Monges is a great park nearby, where you can do all kinds of activities, amogst others canoing, archery and climbing. It is an adventure park with many animals.

History of Portugal

Portugal is an old country and here too we had many wars. One of the wars against the Spaniards was here in the neighborhood. The Battle of Aljubarotto. Now they have built a museum on the exact spot where the war was fought and won by the Portuguese. In the museum they show and tell you the story of the battle and allthough wars are not good things, this is history and really interesting and good to see.

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Our Guests:

Reinier, Ellen & Dirk
Wat leuk om het vakantieseizoen van dit jaar voor jullie te mogen openen als eerste gasten. We hebben het heerlijk gehad. Jullie hebben ons en vooral ook Dirk enorm gastvrij ontvangen. We hebben erg genoten van de mooie omgeving, het mooie uitzicht, de dieren en jullie behulpzaa...
Thursday, 31 March 2016