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The Lotus has a diameter of 5 metres and is completely furnished. There's a double bed, dining-table, chairs and two easy chairs. It is a luxuriuos way of camping and there is more than enough space for 4 persons. Children can sleep in the special compartment in the main tent.

Next to the Lotus is a bathroom with shower, toilet and vanity unit. There is also an outdoor kitchen, which is for your sole use only. Outside the Lotus there is a marvellous view over the garden en valley.

We have a barbeque area which is yours to use as long as you inform us what day and what time etc. This is important as others may want to use it too.


Question? Just ask!

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Our Guests:

Wendy en Eelse
Acipreste 6 t/m 15 juni Lieve Francine en Loek Dank jullie uit de grond van ons hart voor de ontspannen,relaxte dier- en mensvriendelijke omgang tijdens deze dagen. We hebben genoten en hebben bewondering wat jullie in, om en aan het huis tot stand gebracht hebben. CHAPE...
Wednesday, 15 June 2011